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About Us - Our Mission

Here at ACU4U, our mission is to provide the unique advantages of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in an upscale soothing environment readily available for those who visit, work or live in the Texas Medical Center and surrounding areas.

You may wonder why more and more people are turning to a 3000 year old style of medicine. That is because it really works. Chinese medicine is highly “individualized’ and approaches the human body in a holistic way. This "individualized medicine" helps the body heal more efficiently because the treatment is customized and matched to fit what each patient’s own internal environment needs. For example, patients with the same disease may receive different treatments as each individual is a different entity with his/her own internal environment. In Chinese medicine, we focus more on the patient than we focus on the disease. When the internal environment of the patient is treated, the patient’s disease is also indirectly treated. Implementing Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine creates a significantly better chance of recovery in less time.

“When the internal environment of the patient is treated, the patient’s disease is also indirectly treated.”

There are over 100,000 employees in the TMC area who take care of patients on a daily basis and we understand that most careers in healthcare come with high occupational stress. This stressful environment exerts an extra load on the immune system, making it vulnerable to many ailments; so we have made it our goal to provide stress free and efficient treatments to not just relieve the ailments but to also reduce overall stress in the process. We chose the location of our clinic so that it is within a mere 5-minute drive from the center of the TMC. Our building’s parking garage has ample parking space and we provide parking validation after your treatment sessions. You won’t have to worry about typical medical center traffic and parking when you visit us. Our spacious single bed treatment rooms will provide the privacy and tranquility that your mind and body deserves.

Come visit us and let us show you why more and more people are turning to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for their healthcare needs.